Friday, January 28, 2011

Stuff I Missed Growing Up - My Notes ...


There are some things I really feel that my grandparents should have clarified when I was growing up. Did you know that rules that make perfect sense regarding other people's belongings do not apply to people? Well I didn't. I was either asleep during that lesson or so busy trying to get up a team for baseball at recess that I missed it. Hence I have had to learn by the trial and error method which usually means try it once and while everyone is gasping for air trying to recover from their horror of, " you have done what??????" it sinks in that there is a high probability you have just erred. Usually the punishment that ensues helps to reinforce the lesson.


Like you can borrow a book, not a husband.

You can share a toy, not a husband.

You can borrow a bowl to use at a wedding and when you return it all nicely washed and clean .. people are stoked. Try returning the antique wedding gown all washed … ok so it was a bit smaller than before but someone in the family could have a little person and think how happy they will be to have a family heirloom to wear??

You can break something and when you return it and say … "I am so sorry, I broke this," most people, while disappointed that it happened, are really impressed with your forthright honesty and willingness to accept responsibility. Accidents happen. However when you try to return a cousin with an arm more resembling a noodle, with about 3 bends between the elbow and the wrist and say …"Sorry, I broke this…" people go apeshit. Like maybe they should have bought a more durable model or at least not let this one out to play.

So ya .. Those are my notes on the subject, if you missed the class, you can copy them .. This stuff evidently comes up at all the family get togethers for the rest of your life so study hard.

Al Vulo!
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