Wednesday, January 26, 2011

These are Mine ...


I Like to wait until everyone else puts in their resolutions, and has a chance to already fail, so that when I finally give up on mine .. it looks like I tried harder ...

So without further adieu (and I would so "do" more "dieu" if I had any idea what the hell that means ...)

My goals for this year are.....

I am not going to be afraid to come out … I am standing in my front yard right now as I type this .. I found an old cigarette box strap and I am wearing my lap top. It feels so good. My neighbour walking by shouted "what the hell are you doing on your lawn naked with that lap top?" and I said "I came out." He ran. I felt so free  ... although running after him and typing at the same time will take some time to get used to ...

I am going to try really hard this year not to stab anyone. My compulsion to stab stupidity is really born out of a good place .. I truly want to help make the world better BUT I recognize there might be a better way. I will pray someone will reveal that to me and for the time being ... I have hidden the knives in my purse.


I will make a concentrated effort to accumulate more than 3 friends on my friends list, even if I have to create alts of myself to do it.

I am going to be more patient and just await the joy that everyone talks about it .. If she ever does show up .. I promise not to stab her.

I am going to try and make up my own mind more and stop relying on the relationship calculator to determine my relationships. I will give mom and dad one more try.

I will accept that it is true I might have a demon and I will try to drink more milk.

I am going to try and recognize that I may be part of the problem with the situation with the neighbours and to that end, I am going to try and stop hiding in the bushes and jumping out and trying to hug them whenever they walk by. If I can't do that I will at least make sure that my breath is minty fresh.

I am going to let my children know that I have boundaries and they cannot just push me around anymore. Visiting days are only on Sundays and only a security guard is allowed to wheel me into the garden.


I will try to eat more healthy foods, grass and bark is evidently not enough for some people so I will start on dirt.

I promise to curse less. I am not f***ing stopping altogether .. But less …

I am going to stop being careful what I wish for and just admit that I really do want a proper Canadian steak sandwich and that beet root in any sandwich is just wrong - add egg and pineapple and there really are exceptions to the stabbing rule ...

SKIN: Cupcakes
LASHES: Chaisuki
HAIR: Analog Dog
BOOTS: Bax Coen
POSES: Glitterati
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