Saturday, January 22, 2011

Triplets and Quads ...


We had triplets that came to our school for like half a year. On the prairies that is like almost as good as the circus coming to town or one of the farmers having a two headed calf. Any of those above events are reason to have a "social" where you bring food and discuss life ... as it relates to these strange phenomenomenonemon .....

I was frankly disappointed because I felt that had the mother concentrated a little more she might have had quads .. and while triplets were ok .. .quads would have been outstanding.

I set up a little lemonade stand at recess and charged people a buck for a cool lemonade and a look. They would pay their money and then I would point them towards the sidewalk where the three girls were skipping. People complained a lot. Things like ... "I could have seen them there by myself, why did I have to pay you? I always tried to guess for them, "Not sure .. I guess you are just really stupid?" And then they would go ... "this is just water .. it isn't lemonade ..." and I would say ... "ya, the prairie does that to you .. sucks the taste buds right outta your mouth .. " Then they would want their money back and I would quote the SSTT rule of retail. "You Saw, you Swallowed, Tough Titties."

The twins moved away after about 6 months. We had weeks of "special classes" on acceptance and how profiteering off others is not kind. They gave us all little handbooks and special buttons to wear that said "Celebrate our Differences." I learned so much and really felt ashamed at what I had done .. not enough to return the new baseball bat and glove I managed to buy with the earnings, but before every game I looked at them and said a special prayer for the triplets. It taught me a valuable lesson and so at the next two headed calf strawberry social I did a little play on how the mother of the calf feels every time the farmers point at her two headed calf. Cows have feelings too.

They said I ruined the social, was banned from coming to anymore and then they fired up the barbeque. On the prairies ... when people are at a loss for words .. they roast weinies.

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