Sunday, January 16, 2011

You Win Some .. You Lose Some ...


You know how your grandparents always say things like "In our day (insert something here about how they did everything perfectly - except those couple of wars, the depression, filling our teeth with mercury, asbestos and eating eggs and cheese constantly, which they dismiss 'cause they were not their fault)…" or "you, young people (insert something bad that is all our fault here …. EVERYTHING starting with cave kids and their inability to pick up the bones in their bedrooms)."


Well you know what, our grandparents were like incredibly wasteful. They would take a perfectly good ripped shirt or dress and cut out pieces and sew them on a perfectly good pair of ripped jeans. THEY limited the clothing selection of an entire generation .. not to mention made them look ridiculously similar to a scarecrow … only the scarecrow was allowed to stay out all hours of the night and embrace the darkness and we had to be in bed on school nights by 8:30 while some lame wind-up toy lullabyed us into a coma.

They also took holey socks and darned them ….I refused to wear them .. It was my own mini revolt and as I stood on the table lecturing my grandparents and their gathered group of homeboy seniors about blasphemy and how "darn" was just another way of saying "damn" and they were in effect saying they "damned socks," and who are they to judge a sock that is holey for crying out loud (at 3 you can miss the little letters like "e" and completely fail to understand the significance). I could only envision the angels weeping in heaven as seniors roamed the earth willy nilly "damning" religious socks.

I felt so empowered, so full of life .. .I was speaking up for inanimate objects that simply had no voice. I was doing God's work right in my own little farm house on the prairie. I could feel my butt cheeks beginning to warm as the sunshine began to peek out ….

I got to speak WITH another inanimate object a little later … called Mr. Belt - and while his name was frequently concerted with the words "holy hell" as in, "Grandpa's coming with Mr. Belt … Holy Hell! Run, run .. Run for your lives!" there is nothing "holy" about Mr. Belt. So ya, spoke with him, and I sort of forgot about heavens weeping angles on account of I was weeping on earth for awhile. My butt was definitely very warm and it had nothing to do with sunshine. It made it a little difficult to concentrate as I sat in the corner with my patched jeans and darned socks ..


You win some .. you lose some ...

SKIN: Garage
LASHES: Amacci
HAIR: Lamb
MAKE-UP: Garage
SHIRT: Garage
COAT: Spirit Store
SHOES: Kookie
POSES: EverGlow
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