Monday, January 24, 2011

Youth is Wasted on Old People.


Now that the teens are here on the grid I am frankly relieved. RL role play here in SL which frankly confuses me and scares me just a little - but then if you think about it - practice here first and then do it right in RL … just went up a notch.


Now you can transition from baby to child to teenager and you and your partner can work your way through the teen years - winners are designated when you survive and put your teen on a plane to summer in Europe and then enroll in University in the fall. You get to deal with attitude, broken curfews, the sex talk, drinking, drugs, rehab, court, trashed furniture, damaged and misplaced automobiles and being made to feel both redundant and useless all in one breath. Breathe in - breathe out .. there you go .. you are useless.


We can have std clinics, rehab, youth court, high school complete with sex ed classes, …. All those fun fun fun things that come with your very own teen. We can blame everything on them. We can curse them, trash our marriages because of them, and hold huge ass conferences where we basically hold one another and cry because there are just no words left to describe what we are feeling dealing with our teens.

We can lower the standards all the way around … now when you are tempted to say to the 50 year old person who is behaving like a jerkwad … "what are we here, in high school? Grow up!" You can't, because they just may be.


more pictures here

I am frankly relieved here , as I said, because doing all of this on my own was exhausting and I am not even sure how many hormones I have left …

Oh wait .. All that youth changes the age curve .. Damn them … they better not be standing next to me in the Truth Hair check-out Line …. I hate it when people make me look old ….

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