Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Behold the Police Personage.


I am frequently disappointed by the Police.


I mean when it takes twenty of them, with their cars, their flack jackets, their numerous weapons which include an array of guns, to take out one depressed teenager with a remote control in his hand ... having to shoot him several times to protect the innocent ... which normally refers to children but in this instance, this child was not included in the group due to the technicality that he was upset and did not want to come out of his house and someone thought they saw a gun and he said some bad things when we was pissed off with everyone ... you know right after his dad died, and his mom remarried, his girlfriend dumped him and he did not make the football team. So excluding his innocence and childhood and focusing only on those innocents and childhoods protected in this shooting ....I have to say I am disappointed and not at all confident to their ability to deal with rapists, murderers and gangs.

I mean what if the kid had been able to change channels before they shot him .. that would have been a real disaster ...


However I would like to point out that the time to talk to the police about your disappointment is probably not when they show up at your door with 20 of their closest friends to take you downtown. That is when you focus on buying tickets to the policemen's ball and handing them the remote control to watch whatever they want ....

SKIN: LeLutka
LASHES: Wasabi
POSES: Niqotine (no longer available)
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