Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Call Girl is NOT Someone with a Telecommunications Background.


My hubby overheard me talking on the phone the other day to an important client as I explained that of course I understood rocket science, I have an extensive background in Science, I have been involved in it my whole life. When I was done the call he came back into the room.


"Um you do know when someone says stuff like that to people about their backgrounds it creates expectations? For example, if you say you have been involved in education your whole life … people think a teacher, an administrator … not the janitor. When people say they have been in fashion their whole life they think designer, model, photographer, fashion editor - not the girl who answers the phone for the call centre for a catalogue. When people say they have been in media they think producer, director, writer, actor …..not the secretary in the back room of channel 7."

"OK look I still have to get into my Madame Curie outfit for my meditation .. I am channelling Einstein today ….what's your point?"

"You don't have a background in SCIENCE!! You watch the Discovery Channel once in awhile .. THAT is it!"

"I do too have a background."

"How do you figure."

"Do you have any idea of how many important science experiments I have conducted over the course of my life?"

"Ok .. Name one … just give me one …" as he folded his arms, leaned back, and smirked, waiting for my response ...


"I married you didn't I??

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