Monday, February 28, 2011


camille 2

Another fanstastic option from the skin fair ... well it is an option in normal, un-naked, un-bald life too in SL .. I mean Cheerno is a store that was before the fair and will be after but this skin is available now at the Skin Fair and Skin Fair is like the adult sick-o masochistic version of Disneyland .. only without the tea cups.

You don't want to miss it because you just won't be able to participate in any chat group across the gird unless you are on the same page. It is the page under the chapter ... "Hell in a Hand Basket is a picnic compared to Hair Fair 2011." All the chats are about ...

"are you in yet?"


"been trying for days and no luck"

"I have been standing here naked, all ready to go for hours yet but just when I think I am getting in, everything goes black..."

"I know what you mean, one of my friends said he was pulling out and I should come now but I wasn't quick enough..."

"I got in once for a couple of secs but then they booted me cause I had hair..."

"ohhh it's true then what they say ... they make you take everything off???"

"yes but they have free boxes they lend you if you have problems moving ..."

You won't be able to complain as effectively unless you get there and survive ...

Just one word of caution ... reading this privately to yourself is one thing ... being on voice on the train coming home and having others HEAR the conversation without the same frame of reference ... not so good ...

be safe out there ....

CheerNo Femme
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