Friday, February 18, 2011

eStyle Vienna

Vienna eStyle 1

People like to play "he loves me," "he loves me not," where you pick the petals off a flower repeating one phrase and then the other in a sort of whimsical attempt to discern ones romantic fate.

Vienna eStyle 2

Some people like to stack the odds by saying instead, "he loves me," "he loves me lots," which is frankly .. cheating ...and cheapens the whole thing ...

Vienna eStyle 4

Like it isn't cheap enough already for the poor flower. I'd like someone to explain the "whimsy" part to the poor innocent daisy, cause either way, at the end of it, the flower has been cruelly abused and its days of weddings and hair crowns are done. The poor thing is bald, and will soon be dead. It will probably be taunted and called "stick boy" by all its flower friends who will laugh at its nakedness .... its scrawny, undefinded greenness ... as it sits there on the ground. Cause no-one takes that stick home after they are done .. especially if it ended on "he loves me not." Nooo ... that's when most people go and get another flower to abuse.

How would you like it if someone pulled out all the hairs on your head with the same game?

Vienna eStyle 3

It just reinforces what I have always said ... love is torture ...and flowers incite madness.

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