Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Even As A Little Girl ... You Just Know Stuff.


Conversation heard in front of my house as a boy about 9 rode his bike with a bunch of the neighbourhood kids. The boys had their helmets on, their cool bikes, souped up, and were preceding to race one another down the road. Along came the 5 year old sister on her pink Barbie'd up bike with little streamers off the handle bar as she nestled in next to the boys on the starting line, looking most determined ….


"Get lost…" big brother growled at her staring straight ahead, itching to race ...

"NO! I am racing too."

"I said Get OUTTA here …. NOW!!"

"You're not the boss of me."

"Ya well mom is and I am telling her you are bugging me and my friends."

"Mommy is a girl you know."

"Duh … so what?"

"I'm a GIRL too!" (said with a cute little mincing as she looked up at him from under her pink viser and smiled)

Huge pause here as big brother thought hard ...

"Ya well DAD is a guy and HE's the Boss of all of us … even mom!"

I could hear the little girl laughing hysterically all the way down the street and across the finish line as she left the boys in her dust. I thought I could hear all the women on the street chuckling to themselves at the cute naivety of boys ….


More pics here.

Epic evidence .. Girls cognitive skills develop at a much earlier age than it does for boys.

SKIN: Fhang Candy
LASHES: Amacci
BOOTS: Vassnia
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