Sunday, February 13, 2011

Evening in Paris.


I have to admit that Paris was forever ruined for me by the thoughtless actions of someone on the prairies of Canada who traumatized a child.


There I was playing dress-up, searching the drawers of the bureaus in the guest rooms when I found a little nub of red lipstick, a fancy little purse, and a dark blue bottle with a gold cap and writing across it ... "Evening in Paris." WOW french stuff ... in red neck prairie land .. back then ....when ethnic groups and cultures were still kept neatly packed and parked in the middle of wide open spaces with lots of no-man's land between them and the next group.

I quickly ran to my bedroom to share my score with my brother who was waiting for me with his fabulous skirt-on-head hair and his evening gown falling off his shoulders (grandpa had the best gowns). I applied his lipstick, and then mine ... a little extra on both our chins and teeth .. and we were smoking hot.

Then I pulled out the perfume, hands shaking as I popped the top off and held the perfume to my wrist and turned the bottle over. We looked at each other, holding our breath (which in hindsight probably saved us) and then the other wrist and then I grabbed his wrists and did the same. I then instructed him to take some on his finger ... (I waited for him) and dab it behind his ears ... that's the last thing I remember until we both woke up. There we lay in a crumpled heap in our crinolines and skirt-hair, lipstick all over the place, definitely green and stinking to high heaven ... behold the rancid perfume ....


We were sick for a couple of days ... I don't know what happened to the perfume except I do know my brother was fond of creating stink bombs and some of the cows were found mysteriously upside down in the field, having died from choking .. they said it was as if they had been exposed to tear gas ....

My brother perpetuate the story of UFO's ... but when he finally looked me in the eyes we both knew ... it was the French connection ....

SKIN: Lara
LASHES: Wasabi
HAIR: Son!a
DRESS: Spirit Store
SHOES: Stiletto Moody
POSES: Posies
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