Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Floral Gowns


One day when I was finished the very important job of cutting the rhubarb .. alone ..way out at the other end of the yard (we lived on over 3 sections of land) and I started complaining about being bored my grandmother suggested I make clothes out of the leaves and flowers and such. I had visions of a dress just like this one.


Of course once she saw me setting up the sewing machine she quickly pointed out that would ruin the purity of the concept and showed me how little twigs could hold the leaves together and I could entwine the other things .... at 4 purity of concept was everything to me....

SO I made my outfit and was standing there in the yard thinking I must be stunning ....

more pics here ...

And my brother came over with the garden tractor and tried to "mow" me. His excuse was he couldn't hear me screaming above the "roar" of the tractor engine ....and that what kind of a stupid idiot would wander around in camouflage in an unmowed lawn.

I couldn't get the rhubarb leaves and flowers off so I just stood in the middle of the lawn with tractor marks on my face, wilted green leaves, bugs crawling on me and a huge spreading rash and did what any red blooded woman in my position would do .... I screamed.

I have never liked green since ... or my brother ... not necessarily in that order ...

SKIN: deKade
HAIR: Son!a
LASHES: Wasabi
JEWELLERY: Morantique
DRESS: Vita's Boudoir
SHOES: Apple May Designs
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