Monday, February 28, 2011

Hair Hair!!

Vanity hair 1

When I was little my grandparents tried to tell me that having my hair short was stylish, set me apart from the other girls, and much easier.  Like ya thanks, that is really what every little girl wants .. to look completely different from everyone else.  In fairness to my grandparents, it was easier .. it was easier for everyone to find something to tease me about ... it was like I laid it out on a platter and served it up to them ... oh Blissy with the short boy hair ... oh Blissy of the bowl cut ... wow .. thanks grams.

I was reduced to wearing a skirt on my head to effect long hair when we played princesses ... the only dweeb with the bowl-cut when you play princess is the prince and I was sick of being the prince when no boys could be blackmailed - simply because I had short hair - and hence the skirt became my mane .....

Skirt hair is very effective, it can be very bright and colourful, lightweight , you can take it off to wash etc, it never gets a bald spot, lice or mange, it flows quite nicely and fully down the back and is great for flicking and tossing  ...  Pants are good in a pinch too ... you can add bows and make them pig tails .. or braid them together and then pile it on your head.  I would wear that for the red carpet look ...

Vanity hair 2

I miss skirt and pant hair .... I tried it once when I went out with my hubby but he was all mad on account of I didn't decide until after we were out for the evening and the only skirt I had was the one I was wearing with my outfit.

Vanity Hair
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