Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hats Hats Hats


Hats are big here in Australia .. I mean we wear them in Canada .. well I wore them in Canada but there you have felt hats, warm hats, cool hats and sun hats and dress hats.


Here you have sun hats and dress hats. The sun hats are anything on your head, including shorts, to keep your head from becoming a flaming ball of fire, a red beacon unto low flying UFO's, and also to keep the cancer mongers away ...

The dress hats are anything with a feather or a ribbon or a flower and a bit of tuille etc. They can be ginormous, shading an entire football stadium of people standing within 3 miles OR they can be so teeny you have to resist the urge to brush the bit of fluff out of someone's coiffed do.

The point is here in Aus you put a hat on and suddenly there are all these little bright coloured satiny men perched on thundering power with hooves between their legs (get your minds out of my gutter) racing past and people screaming, while sipping champaign and trying to keep their boobilage contained in the sausage casing of a dress they are wearing. Age matters not and nothing says BABE like a 90 year old pruned and sundried with a tight strapless, skirtless, backless, red dress and a big hat. I love senior cleavage ...


In Canada you put on a hat and snowstorm hits and buries you and everyone else.  In about three weeks time an overweight man in 83 layers of clothes sitting in a noisy bright orange ginormous machine called a grader that can get up to speeds of like 2kph (going down hill) comes by and uses those pompoms sticking up out of the snowbank to know where the road is.  No-one even cares about boobilage.

SKIN: Atomic
HAIR: Glitter Hair
LASHES: Garage
EARRINGS: Kunglers
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