Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am a Freaking Genius!!


So my mother in law could not get her computer to work and she relies on it to play cards each day. Hubby was not around and she had no choice ... she had to ask me to help.


I stood up very importantly and got the tool box from the car ... I snapped on some latex gloves and told her to boil some water.

I went in ....

Hours later, exhausted, the boiled water now tepid, having tried everything I could think of, about to throw in the towel when hubby walked in. I begged him to close the door so his mother could not see. He looked at his car jack, his electric saw, the egg beaters, my glue gun and his 22 rifle laying on the floor and at the computer. I was filthy, my fingers bleeding, drenched in sweat ...


Without a word he stepped towards the computer screen and pushed the "on" button.

Isn't that just like a man?? You work for hours at something and they come in last minute and take all the credit ...

SKIN: Glam Affair
LASHES: Garage
DRESS: The Secret Store
SHOES: NX Nardcotix
CHAIR: JE Republic
POSES: Posies
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