Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Have Been Nominated!


I suddenly realized that no-one in my family listens to me and that here I am parading out my little awards and accomplishments and they just yawn and like lift another spoonful of cornflakes to their mouths ....so I decided .. You know what .. I am better than that …

I can just make shit up.

So last weekend I told them I had been nominated for the prestigious "Humanitarian Blogger of the Year," on account of my work with the Losers in SL. There were 8 other people nominated in the Humanitarian category, from all walks of life and from all around the world, but I was confident of my ability to take this one. My mother rolled her eyes and asked how I could be so sure ..

I told her on account of the other 8 were dropping like flies ….

No-one said a thing .. I always take this as my cue to go .. so I continued ….

"It was food poisoning …"

Still nothing .. my brother was picking his nose, dad was reading the paper ....

"I doped their cornflakes …."

.....as I sat there at the table all by myself I realized that subtlety and restraint were the key. When you have spinned the spin and you think one more little touch .. don't!!! It is just a breath between the palm of your hand and people searching frantically for the car keys and then roaring down the driveway.

My point is … tomorrrow I am telling them I have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously .. YOU name the winners from last year! See .. no-one checks .. No-one cares …. Don't believe me? Read some of the SL resumes about what people do in real life … you would have to be 103 to be a doctor, a lawyer, a journalist and a special agent with the CIA.

It is all made up … this really works ….. If your real life sucks .. just BS .. NO-ONE CHECKS THE FACTS!!!

Al Vulo!
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