Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles.


Ok this is a public service announcement … those little bottles of soap and bubble blowers at the wedding?

 DO: Open them up and gently blow bubbles at the Bride and Groom as they walk by.


DON'T: get together with 500 of your nearest and dearest wedding guests, pretend you lost yours, ask for theirs, empty all the bottles onto the lovely white plastic runner on the lawn leading to the wedding arch before the wedding starts. AND if you do, NEVER be the one standing there in your swimming togs with Binky the life saving duck wrapped around your waist and your water wings on.  NEVER mistake the screams and whoops and shrieks of a bridal party as meaning "YAHOOO this is SOOO much fun, come and join us" because the screams and whoops and shrieks of "Someone grab Bliss we are going to kill her!" are almost identical and while one is definitely an invitation the other is a strict warning and you should run .. in fact you should move away for about 20 years or at least until the bride and groom get divorced.


I can't tell you how I know this and the fact there are no pictures of Aunt Joans wedding from the weekend has nothing to do with anything .. stop jumping to ridiculous conclusions.

SKIN: eStyle
HAIR: Fascino
OUTFIT: Amaris
JEWELLERY: Fresh Baked Goods (no longer available)
BOOTS: Baby Monkey
BAG: Chuculet
POSES: Niqotine (no longer available)
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