Saturday, February 19, 2011

In The Interest of Promoting Evening Gowns


I think that we don't get to wear our evening gowns enough and so I am spearheading a campaign to prove to everyone that evening gowns are not just for balls, New Years Eve, and Beauty Pageants anymore. And sparkle .. sparkle goes with everything and should!!


Like imagine if as soon as you got out of the operating room they dressed you in a stunning off the shoulders gown that plumped up your breasts and had a slit up to here (why do we need a slit up the back anyway ... I don't get naked when I use the bathroom at home? Half the time you are catheritized anyway ....A slit up the leg will suffice.) A nice hair do, professional make-up job ....and sparkles all over you....

I mean it might be a bit tough getting the girdle on over all that surgery and everything but no pain, no gain ....and in case you think this is about some cheap, self serving, women are shallow and all they care about is their looks stuff .. think again Buster .. and all the rest of you too .. think again ...


I am doing this for humanitarian reasons. I have become so concerned about the lack of care and empathy amongst our doctors and nurses and I have a theory that they have become so inbred it is now a genetic defect. Everyone knows that doctor and nurses cavort in the supply closets and examining rooms all the time (see General Hospital for details). Introducing patients into that gene pool can only help .... and no matter what women are doing, laying in bed, recovering from surgery .. doing a doctor in the closet ... they should and CAN - always - look stunning!!!

SKIN: Iconic
HAIR: Shag
POSES: Everglow
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