Friday, February 11, 2011

Pinky Me.


It's morning here .. I can tell cause when I manage to open my eyes I see more than just black .. There are colours and shapes. I can hear the thud thud of the neighbours walking and the sound of their heads rotating away from our house as they stroll past .. I yelled out at them … "SHUTTTTTTTUP ….FOR THE LOVE OF GOD …..SHUTTTTTTUP!!!!"


I should have saved my breath .. It made my head hurt worse and I fell off my chair …

I am typing but not really with commitment .. It is sort of a vague randomness .. Typing ….

I look good … I did get dressed up when I went out last night and yup the dress is wrinkle proof and that make-up it does have staying power.


It is good to know I can dress for success and the next day and several wine bottles later .. Still look the part. It is important to know that even propped .. I am a fashionista.

SKIN: Al Vulo!
LASHES: Amacci
HAIR: fascino
BLOUSE: Baiastice
SKIRT: The Secret Store
SHOES: Baby Monkey
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