Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Men Have It So Easy.


You know once a man moves beyond bunny or ducky jammies as a baby ... he pretty much has a set uniform. He does not have to stress over what to wear. Work - suit. Not work - jeans. Done.


I mean no wonder we are so fascinated with boxers or briefs, and what kind of bathing suit men wear .. they only worry about variety when it comes to their most prized possession .. the rest of them .. what the heck.... who cares?

A woman goes to a fancy party and sees another woman in the same dress and it is disaster city. Men never scream ... "OMG he is wearing a black Tux too!!!" And like on the red carpet, does anyone really care what the men are wearing .. like that question is a joke right? They are just making fun of how we do care what the women are wearing? No-one squeals about lapels or the length of a man's trousers. If men are clean and suited, they are appropriate to stand next to a woman in a designer dress ... hey if they are good looking enough they can be in jeans and unshaven and stand next to a woman in a designer dress ...


This all goes back to supporting my push to say, in the interest of saving money in these hard economic times .. so that women don't have to cut on their clothes budget, and in the interest of cutting down the length of the red carpet shows, and in the interest of forcing men to be honest and accept reality and learn their measurements properly ... I think all men should just be naked.

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