Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Fav's


My favourite ims are from people threatening to tell on us if we don't unsubscribe them. I like the way you can tell just by looking at the im they send you what they looked like when they typed it ..


The letters are pounded in, you can envision them, there in their housecoats, hair on end, huddled in the cold damp of the basement ... talking to the people in the darkness .. like the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy, and the big scary guy in tinfoil ..... searching desperately for the perspective they used to have that kept world wars, airplane crashes, and natural disasters in one drawer and breaking a fingernail, losing your favourite pair of underwear and all out of chocolate at the icecream store in another ...


The thing is I can't subscribe anyone to anything. I can't add names. You had to click on a sign somewhere, sometime and subscribe ..

The message that you would have got, that caused such pain that you are now threatening to tell your friends in the dark not to ever ever like me or be nice to me cause I am an evil person .. forget mass murderers and rapists .. I SUBSCRIBE UNWILLING PEOPLE....also includes a little statement about unsubscribing ... just go back to the store or whatever it is and click the sign again.

Threatening to bury me, to tell on me, to write me up .. really unnecessary ...

How you got signed up ... there is only one way - you clicked - but even that is irrelevant. You can live in your denial .. I am happy to allow you that..

BUT if, as I suspect, you cannot read (otherwise how did you sign up without knowing and then get the notice and not read how to unsubscribe) OR if you are just one hell of a lazy ass ....then I am even happy to have you send me an im. You can copy this if you like.

Hi, could you please unsubscribe me from .........

HAIR: JE Republic
LASHES: Garage
SHIRT: DK Designs
SHOES: Baby Monkey
POSES: JE Republic
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