Thursday, February 10, 2011

Panty Raids.


You know how brothers can be sooo annoying. Like every summer we went to camp and every summer my brother and his friends would do a "panty raid" on the girls tent. It's not that I am bitter about my panties never being taken on account of my brother was the ring leader and he told all the guys not to bother - nothing worth checking (and I admit my panties were never quite as pretty as the ones he wore out driving combine) ... but it was the on and on bragging that he did about it for the entire next year.

One time the grandparents heard about it and my brother managed to get out of it .. I could not believe it .. just when I had pulled up one of the lounge chairs and got the popcorn to watch the fireworks. Biff was so smug .. so up himself as he danced around me telling me he was the master yadda yadda ... something had to be done ... he was going DOWN!

So ... in the interest of helping him learn a valuable life long lesson .... I asked my grandfather for help one day while my brother was gone, to get a game off of his top shelf in his closet. As he pulled out the game ... what to his wondering eyes should appear??? .. a bag full of undies marked "Biff's Secret Undie Stash" (in my best imitation of his handwriting).

It tumbled to the floor and out fell all the old ladies underwear and bras that I could manage to find in my great great great aunts attic who, bless her heart, never threw anything away ever, because as she always said ... "you never know..." Panties and bras big enough to fit all the boys from camp in and still have to send in a search team to bring them out .... The silence in the room was defeaning, my grandfather's face turning redder and redder and he was not breathing ... I offered to go get grandma and scampered from the room .....

Sometimes the rewards of being a sister, sharing life lessons, getting even ... are just ... well .. where has all that magic gone? I miss my brother.

SKIN: Fhang Candy
LASHES: Wasabi
HAIR: Dura
LINGERE: Vextra Fashion
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