Thursday, February 17, 2011

Power Dressing like Mrs Thurston Howell.


Contrary to the image of people sitting in their parent's basement in dirty underwear ... I am the opposite. I arrive to my office in the front part of the house with large windows dressed to kill.... because ... I am likely to do that ... kill ... I am not afraid .. if the situation calls for it.


I open the window so the neighbours can see me as they jog by and I have a Kleenex box that I glue-gunned knobs onto  - on my desk. I wait for the neighbours to come by and then I have a siren simulator that I push and it was funny the first couple of times cause they jumped into the bushes - it scared them - and sounded like an ambulance was right there. When they got up they looked they saw me leaning forward, throwing my fox tail over my shoulder and saying to my kleenex box ... "Send in the first appointment please."

I have one of the kids open the door and hubby comes in ... even though he is in shorts, hair dishevelled and coffee in hand.... he sits down at the other computer and I say things like ... "take a letter for me please," and "hold all my calls for today" really loud so that they can't hear him swearing at me.


I made my mother in law wait an hour one time to come in and ask if we had any extra toilet paper. I think it is important to establish authority ... and it really is in the way you dress .. power dressing. It is much safer than my old way of taking control .. cause stun guns sometimes backfire.

HAIR: Tukinowaguma
LASHES: Wasabi
EARRINGS: Donna Flora
OUTFIT: Donna Flora
SHOES: Baby Monkey
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