Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Three of Us.


The 3 of us were inseparable.


Life took us through some of the most amazing adventures. We laughed, we cried, we were fearless as we conquered life, lending comfort to one another, strength to go on ... There was no-one I would have wanted with me more to while away the long dark nights when none of us were sure that morning would even come. The trips we made, clinging to each other, life rafts to one another amidst the sea of life's tragedies...

We didn't care that people taunted us .. called us babies, tried to pull us apart from one another, insisted that we all grow up, threatened us, bribed us .. we just refused to listen to others, we kept our eyes on each other, we pledged our undying love in word and deed .. we just knew ...

Life is funny like that ... that the 3 of us could be so bonded, sharing the most important moments of life ... I could not imagine life without them. I thought it so cruel for people to insist we stop our "unholy alliance." It came down to an intervention. Family, friends, insisted, desperate to make me grow up, to stand on my own two feet. They were terrified I would always need my friends, never bond with others in meaningful ways, so ... we were split apart - forced! I cried a lot. I thought I could not go on.

Somehow I did eventually .... and years have passed. I last saw one of them living in an old garage amongst the rags and old oil cans ... I could not believe what had become of him ...

When the other one was ripped from me she was carried away by my parents ... I could hear her calling my name as the car drove away and my mother held me tight and told me it was for my own good.... I thought I would die. I have no idea what happened to her after that day. I never saw her again.


I was 23 at the time ....

I really miss my blanky and my sucky.

HAIR: Truth
JACKET: UK Couture
JEANS: TuttiFrutti
BOOTS: Baby Monkey
POSES: TuttiFrutti
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