Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Wars .. A History ...


Valentines day was always drama in the making. First you had the prissy girls who always showed up with their plates of heart shaped cookies, iced and decorated. Those little suck ups were already preening for a life long love affair with the process and I am positive that an active cell of them are working in SL as we speak. They would smile and hand the teacher the biggest one with their name "icinged" on and then special ones to the boy I liked and the girl who insisted everyone kiss her ring out by the slides before coming in at recess. Don't get me wrong, ya I saw through it all,  ... but I ate my cookie even though it did not have the really nifty sparkles and my name was always spelled wrong ... I was not stupid.


Then came humiliation as the teacher handed out the valentines ..... "248 for you Allison Suck-up .. oh and look Bliss ... I think I can find one .. oh yes .. and here is one for you .. from me ..."

"Don't patronize me Miss Blainey... I may be only 5 but that smile diminishes me  .... and sadly ... you!"

Finally one teacher seemed to understand and she insisted that there not be one big mailbox to put the valentines in, but each our own ... so no-one knew how many we each got and we could take them home and open them and cry ourselves to sleep in the comfort of our own beds.


more pics here...

Years later the teachers insist that each child must provide a valentine for every child in the class. I thought, hmmm .. that is nice .. but children are brilliant!   There is always a really ugly valentine in the book or the box ... the least liked child gets all of those .. or everyone gets homemade beauty and the unliked child gets a brown paper bag valentine. And then the child who has Valentines that says "Jesus loves you" and shows lovely little bible scenes is tarred and featherd for spewing love around. Let's be clear Valentines Day is for love .. not some religious crap from some guy who thought we should all be treated as equals. We like our love segmented neatly into ... "lots of valentines" and "0 valentines." Don't mess with tradition man.

SKIN: Cupcakes
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LASHES: Wasabi
DRESS: The Sea Hole
LEGGINGS: Mikanx Bosatsu
CHOKER: Pinky Gals
SHOES: Ingenue
POSES: Niqotine (no longer available)
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