Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Men Need Women.


How come men never remember things? It is like they are born, they are such cute little boys and then they become teenagers and they are sort of on autopilot.


I think this is the cause of so many of their difficulties. A woman remembers each and every time she has had sex, men are like goldfish and they forget .....immediately..... which accounts for the overdrive gear in their sexmobiles .. has nothing to do with hormones. It also accounts for why they make so much up about their sex lives in the locker rooms with the guys .. they can't remember that a woman has not looked at them in years.

This is why they have to do all those replays with sports, and then show the game, and then go over the game, and analyze it and then recap with the sports on the nightly news .. to help men remember what happened.

I think they drink so much for the same reason .. they forget they just had one ....


Which just reinforces the need to have all men equipped with a remote controlled talking cattle prod ... so once the wife knows they are supposed to be in the grocery store getting milk she can zap them and say "MILK!!" I think it would save marriages ... and is much more humanitarian than the old alternative which is the one where the wife gets in the SUV and drives over her husband ...

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