Friday, March 4, 2011

Bloggers - No Rant Today - Just Words of Encouragement.


Heather Armstrong with her award winning blog Dooce with 4 million views per month,  has some interesting observations regarding blogging. A 10 year veteran, she states:
On the challenge of blogging:
"It's a lot of work. I think anybody who has started [blogging] and stopped in the last 10 years knows that, many people stopped because it
was too much work. Curating and posting 140 characters is a lot easier.
"I think my success has been a combination of several factors: one of the big ones is that I've been around for a long time, I've stuck with it,
I've had a lot of life events that made the trajectory interesting. I'm not sure that what I've been doing is easily replicable. My suggestion has
always been that you should find an existing community who you would like to have reading your site and hang out with them."
Read the rest of the article HERE.
Hats off to the fashion bloggers who have been blogging every day for years.  Hats off to those that are trying.  It is hard work.  Real bloggers know that and their dedication to their work, their commitment to show up almost every day, is worthy of respect.  There are tons of blogs out there that are of no interest to me whatsoever - I don't read them - but that personal preference gives me no right to denigrate the people or their hard work.

I wanted to share this today for all the "little" bloggers who are struggling. This does not apply to just blogging, it applies to life. The accolades belong to those that are trying. Success is often hard work and longevity. Everyone who has earned their way knows that and these will be the people who hold out a helping hand and offer an encouraging word. The rest are just pretenders and many of them successful only in their own minds and usually defined by the company they keep as opposed to any real effort of their own. You'd be surprised how many of the "critics" are people that used to blog or people who were a big name in SL 2 - 3 years ago and have not done anything since. That was their experience at the time, it is not relevant to today and to you. Focus on where YOU are going not on where OTHERS have been.

Ignore them. Keep going. There are lots of good people in SL only too willing to help someone who is really trying. Be yourself. Do what feels right and is fun for you and if it starts to weigh you down and impact your sense of well being .. FIND SOMETHING ELSE to do .. There are tons of things to do in this world and when you find your niche … you will shine .. and more importantly .. You will be happy.

And .. For those days when you just can't quite make it to give yourself the pep talk … let this little lady do the talking for you!!

Reprinted from Women Who Dance With Frogs - Bliss Windlow, Paisley Beebe Virtual and Real Life Colliding VIREAL!!! Uncut, uncensored .. check it out!!
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