Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Fist Full of Caterpillars.

Al Vulo Ninni 3

How come the whole cocoon/butterfly thing does not work on human beings. I mean I have tried wrapping my children in saran wrap and putting them in the closet in the dark for a few hours hoping some incredible transformation might take place. It didn't.

Al Vulo Ninni 2

Someone told me that was cause changing appearance is easier than changing behaviours and thoughts AND maybe I needed more time. But that is not true either. Being a butterfly is a state of mind not just a change of outfit.

Al Vulo Ninni 1

Besides I spent years and years believing men were exciting and meeting my prince charming was going to change everything ... I incubated that for years, I cocooned it and held it tight and now that I am older .. not only am I NOT a butterfly .. people call that period of my life .. being stupid.

Al Vulo!
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