Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just a Couple of Ideas to Kick Start Your Day!


Life Is What You make of it so ....... get up this morning!


Wait there's more ..... but isn't that a GREAT start to the day? One day you won't wake up and getting up won't even an option so whoot!! there you go!! OK now put on the special undies you have been saving. THIS IS THE DAY! Put them on and continue getting dressed.  (or don't ...your call .. maybe your undies are sooo special that putting anything else on would just ruin them)


Eat breakfast, get on the train with all the other sour puss people and recognize that while it is probably a safe conclusion they all got up this morning ... probably NONE of them are wearing their special underwear. Move through the train and get everyone's name and give them name tags so you can all be on a first name basis.

Get out the puppets and talk them through the train ride, give them hope .... oh and ALWAYS take your harmonica. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to play it .. whether you can or can't, whether you know the song or don't - it all sounds exactly the same. Take requests and have the puppets dance along with it but you will need someone to hold the harmonica to your mouth, so ask someone. Do you have any idea how many of the great romances began because someone held the harmonica for someone to play?


Neither do it ...

But the point is ... it could ... and more importantly .. THERE YOU GO. 3 easy peasy little things you can do to make your day spectacular!!!

(Oh the underwear bit should only be done once and then wash them ... wearing them every day and expecting the same kind of magic is what Einstein referred to as insanity.)

SKIN: Exodi
LASHES: Amacci
OUTFIT: Seldom Blue
SHOES: Sim-I-Lar
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