Thursday, March 3, 2011

Something About Mary.

Glam Affair Mary 2

The name "Mary" had a rough go … I mean after giving birth to the Savior of the world through immaculate conception …come on … no other "Mary" had a chance .. although they tried with the whole royalty thing and that Mary got executed ...and no-one really got a chance to see if Mary was a good name or not we just knew a dead "Mary" was not a good thing so we had an even score. Good name "Mary" 1 … Bad name "Mary" 1.

Glam Affair Mary 1

Then came all the nuns that added Mary to other names …

"Ok Sister you will be known as Gertrude …"

"Gertrude? Oh … swell…. thanks …." (a whole lot of sobbing going on in her wimple)

"But we will add Mary and you will be Sister Mary Gertrude"

"Oh yippee skippee Praise Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen!"

The thing is come on .. I don't care how good the name "Mary" might have been … there is no saving "Gertrude." Some parents named their daughters like "Mary Margaret" which is technically "Mary Mary," in hopes that the nun thing would rub off but those girls were usually the ones that ended up known as "Sparkle Bambi" the stripper queen. Many of them are here in SL today (closet "Mary Margarets")

Then everyone was like doing drugs and said lets name our daughter "Tinkerbell "or "Shilo," or "Autumn," and the name "Mary" was only given to really plain girls who lived in Hutterite Colonies. And then a revival began … a new "Mar" popped up here and there, kind of edgy, different .. but you could tell there was something about "Mary." It became a name for a very special woman .. a different "Mary" .. . one without any religious restraints, but not a slut either … a classy woman .. one who knew who she was and where she was going. "Mary" was a woman who could attend fashion week in Milan one day and the next be skinning bears with men in Northern Canada. She could rush home to volunteer in her child's school, then churn the best butter ever to take into her corporate office where she invented a new virtual world called "Real Life" where women were in charge but they let men think they are.

Glam Affair Mary 3

And this .. THIS skin "Mary" by Glam Affair is THAT Mary. I peed my pants when I saw her.
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