Sunday, March 6, 2011



I think it is important to point out that some things from SL do  translate well to RL.


Like I love the mute and ban buttons on my computer for SL.  They work well even though some people are stupid enough to keep sending ims when they know they are muted which makes them either an eternal optimist or stupid ... I will let you make the call, I think I already did.

I carry a remote control around with me AND a clip board  ... mainly for women.  Men know the remote, .. they hold onto almost as much as their "special friend," but women tend to be a little more confused because they never get to work with remote.   SO, that is when I used the clip board.  I tried it on my mother in law once ... she came to the door and I pulled out the clip board and said, "sorry nope... not on the list .. you are banned from this area."   She started screaming.  I put my hands over my ears and la-la'd and told her she was muted too.  Then I closed the door.


It works well.  One of the neighbours took her in.  It was just like when people get ejected from your land and get dropped on a near by sim.  I can see her now, hands up at the neighbours window, her little face all squished between them, looking at me typing here .... she can't see the ban lines but she knows they are there.

SKIN: CheerNo Femme
HAIR: LeLutka
DRESS: Rainbow Chaser
SHOES: Heart & Sole
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