Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alice and Pie.


We had a girl at our school named Alice and the boys waivered between calling her "a lice" and "all ice."  It didn't seem to bother her much and I admired her for that.  Mainly the boys were just frustrated because they all wanted her and she was not having any country bumpkin pie ... if you catch my drift.

Alice 3

Funny how some people just know what they want from day one and will not be tempted in any way along the way to where they are going.  Now me, I sampled along the way ... like lots of time I knew I would not like the pie, but it was pie, and so I had a bite or two and it helped to remind me that not all pie was the same and I should develop some pie discernment and not just be taken in by any old pie.

I have no idea what I am talking about here but evidently there are little life lessons in the small things that happen to us and I am hoping years from now someone will run into my kids and tell them how that crazy old woman, their mother, taught them the lesson they never forgot .. the lesson of Alice and the pie .. and people everywhere will share the story and make cool videos and write songs and the world will be a better place because of it.  When that happens I really want Monicuzza Babenco of YourSkin & YourShape to know she inspired it the day she created her fabulous skin she called Alice ... and by then .. maybe someone in LL will say ... "hey what a human interest story this baby is ..." and they will promote it and people will take a second look at Second Life (oooh that is sooo good .. read it again  .. see?) and they will say "Second Life was not just about sex after all .. .it was about pie too!" and I will laugh and laugh as I hang out with the angels (probably some fairies too .. from Evie's closet) cause sampling pie is just a euphemism for sex anyway.

Alice 1
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