Saturday, April 30, 2011

Breakfast of Champions.


I would just like to announce that the breakfast debate was won some years ago .. in case someone wants to hand out an award or something .. email me I will give you my personal details and where you can send the money.


After years of grandparental insisting that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day, eat your vat of oatmeal ...your 8 eggs and 10 lbs of bacon are getting cold" I one day pushed it all aside and pulled over a plate of peanut butter cookies.

As I dipped them in my milk and ate them, I calmly pointed out that peanut butter cookies and milk were the perfect breakfast .... I had my dairy, my grains, my eggs and peanut butter. I then argued I should not be penalized because my combination happened to taste better than theirs.

I know I saw defeat in their eyes as their eyes fixed upon me, silence fell around the room, I caught a motion from my grandfather's end of the table, I am not sure, it happened so fast, I heard the wind wooshing .....

.... and then everything went black....

That day in the hospital, as I realized I had gotten away without consuming a breakfast that could feed the entire Mormon Tabernacle Choir AND the Irish Rovers .... I knew that it had all been worth it ....

I do miss my left ear though sometimes ....

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