Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Friends Who Know When To Take You Shopping.


Good friends are hard to come by, but when they see you are missing an eye, and a sharp stick is half hidden under the bed, and they say .. hey come with me .. we need to do some shopping ... you know you are in the presence of a friendgod-dom.


So like Paisley Beebe pulled my socks up and marched me to a different virtual world. I think she thought perhaps I could shop for some new friends or something ... only when we got there she said I was a cloud to her and she called me "running cloud" and kept asking if I wanted a TeePee which I think is against First Nation's People's Sensibilities ... or it should be ... how rude ....  She said that I did not look that bad (ya she is a cloud expert) but she gave me money and kept suggesting I put on stupid looking hair.  I am not buying the "you are a cloud to me" crap.  I am pretty sure I heard her snapping pictures and snorking away.  Surprisingly I did not find any new friends .. sigh ...


It is just as well ... I looked like a total reject ... and frankly if I saw me, I would not want to be my friend either which is why I put in my profile ...

"Don't even think about trying to talk to me until I get a decent shape, skin and some clothes. And THEN don't even think about talking to me until YOU get a decent shape, skin and some clothes ... check back in a week. Unless you see me then in the front yard with a porkchop tied around my neck - the international sign for "free to a good home" make sure that you check my policies on speaking to me ... I may be a very important person by then but hey ... I love that you are all hopeful like that .. it makes you kinda ... cute .. or desperate .. not sure which ..."

HAIR: Exile
LASHES: Garage
EYES: Fashism
DRESS: Seldom Blue
EYE PATCH: Baiastice
POSES: EverGlow
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