Thursday, April 21, 2011


JeSyLiLo LayLa

Sometimes it is damn exciting to see how far people have come and grown.  What more can we ask of anyone than they grow and develop their talent and certainly LiLo Glom of JeSyLiLo is one of those people.  This new offering from her comes with so many options, the possibilities are endless.

The top picture shows 3 different skins from one colour grouping, the bottom picture is just one skin with all the different choices available.  I particularly like the dimples.  The drama of the eye makeup and the choices of colour in LayLa is great.  LiLo is one of those designers who provides regular offerings, is generous and approachable and someone I admire greatly.  Check out JeSyLiLo.

JeSyLiLo LayLa 2
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