Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Polka Dots and Pens.


This is a public service announcement concerning this dress and one that you will thank me for .. trust me ...


When seated in church, no matter how enticing the pen sticking out of grandma's purse is ...resist. Trust me not matter how much you love to play "connect the dots" and no matter how cute the little pictures you can see just waiting there for you to define them ... no-one else will think they are that cute.

OH and above all else ... NEVER outline the picture of the penis you can see because that is wayyyy worse than the cute bunny for some reason.

Sit on your hands, bite your lip, look away and concentrate on wanting to live past 5.

SKIN:  Al Vulo
HAIR: Simply Britnee
LASHES:  Amacci
OUTFIT:  SE Designz
SHOES:  G Field
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