Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Schmoyal Wedding ... PFFT!


Obviously my invitation to the Royal Wedding was lost in the mail, being as I am related to them and all.


I told my hubby that we had to recreate the whole thing here so that I would not feel like I had missed out and have to spend another decade in therapy. He said "sounds good to me" but he meant the decade in therapy NOT the reinactment.

I wanted to invite all my friends .. I have one with a horsey face that would be perfect for Camilla. I want us all to do like a murder mystery where everyone dresses up and plays their role and my hubby said we can't do that. He is such a party pooper .. I think he is just afraid that after the queen shut down the Chaser's coverage she will go after us and we would die if we were not allowed to be smart asses and poke fun at everything.  Sometimes when the queen looks upon you with a disapproving look, eyes narrowed into slits, nostrils flaring ... you shouldn't snork .. you should just pretend to dig at the earth with your toe and blend in with the grass ...


So ya ... won't be at the wedding, won't recreate nuthin' ... hubby and I bought grass outfits and we be blendin' with the rest of the Aussies.  But man .. wait until she looks the other way!!

SKIN: Dr. Life
HAIR: Heart Softens
LASHES: Wasabi Pills
EYES: Fashism
DRESS: House of Dashwood
EARRINGS: Donna Flora
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