Tuesday, April 5, 2011

She Walks In Beauty Like The Night.


I don't think Lord Byron, Shakespeare and other romantics knew about nights in Canada when you go to bed with your choice of either 5000 lbs of blankets and 8 pair of socks, 3 sets of jammies OR the heat hiked up so high that it takes you almost an hour to move your mouth in the morning as it is so dry and then .... you wake up to a gazillion feet of snow on the ground and somewhere in the soft mounds ... is your car. THAT does not translate well to romantic poetry.


Then you get to get up and put on 5000 lbs of outdoor clothes and use a metal detector to find your shovel beneath the snow and then dig out your car. It is important not to make eye contact with any of the neighbours also out car mining because misery connecting in frozen whiteness causes insanity ....


Once you get the car dug out you get to climb in and try to start it. IF you get it started you get to try to get it to move into the snowdrifts that define the streets ... and drive off to work with hundreds of other people who will be swearing at you, at God, at the roads, etc.


It will snow all day too while you are at work and your car is parked in the outdoor parking area you pay $300 per month to rent. And you will get to do the whole thing over again to go home ... and arrive there sometime just before the late night show.

The really cool part is during the day when the customers complain that you didn't seem very cheery when they came to purchase their tickets to Australia. That just blows me away .... and proves that the average consumer is soooo perceptive.

SKIN: Al Vulo
HAIR: Miel
LASHES: Amacci
DRESS: Siss Boom
CHOKER: La Forgia
SHOES: Donna Flora
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