Sunday, April 24, 2011



Susan was a loud mouthed, large, unattractive and uncouth annoying girl who attended school with me.  She grew up to be a really amazing woman and she, along with her best friend, both of whom were regularly shunned at the school  dances by the cool girls and any boys, reinforced the caterpillar to the butterfly syndrome for me and forever changed the way I looked at people.

Even in school I did not get that there were supposed to be lines neatly drawn around us to keep some people in and a whole lot out.  Susan was just another person and sometimes we hung out and sometimes we did not.  I was not much to swear allegiance to anything other than sports and so was often socially inked in with lines in a corner.  Everyone wanted to exclude me.


Years later at a reunion Susan and her friend were gorgeous, happy and by far the most interesting people there. I am not sure what has happened to her since.  I am sure she is somewhere shining and being admired, which she always deserved and some people just failed to realize - their loss .. really.  It always is.

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