Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yee Haw.


One of the really fun things you get to do as a grandparent is rile the grandkids up so much that there is a smug feeling watching your children deal with them at bed time.


I like to give them lots of candy and then play wild horsey with them and then while their parents (my former child) attempts to calm them down to go to bed, I like to lay out the pics I took of that night way back when .., you know when they were teenagers and being so impossible etc ... yup I lay those out ... and the police reports ... all done up in the lovely scrapbook I made ... and I announce that Grandma is tired and I am going to bed.

Sometimes life is just really fulfilling like that ....

SKIN:  eStyle
HAIR:  Mikan
LASHES:  Amacci
OUFIT:  Severed Garden
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