Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dry Ice and Cows.


I grew up on a dairy farm and so of course, the grandparents had to buy everything direct from the dairy. All farms had freezers big enough to park a tractor in because sometimes .. in the winter .. that was absolutely necessary to keep the tractor warmer than it was outside.

The bonus was we always got ice cream in the big brown commercial tubs and they were always packed in dry ice. One day my brother and I grabbed the ice and ran down to the creek with it. We had played with it before in the sink but we had been plotting about throwing it into the creek! It was our chance .. finally!! We would throw pieces into the creek and wait for the creature from the black swamp to appear like it did on all the movies. It was really scary .. and for about half an hour we were totally into monsters and swamps and arranged all the cows to play important supporting roles .. like the first victim etc ....

We were very serious about being scary as hell .. we really got into it. We certainly convinced not only ourselves, but the cows too.


Did you know that scared cows do not give much milk and that means no ice cream for children all over the world who cry themselves to sleep at night and it definitely means no ice cream for my brother and I as we cried ourselves to sleep THAT night with butts that reminded us every time we breathed???

Just Say NO to dry ice and cow interfering.

(this public announcement brought to you by the Dairy Farmers Association for Little Houses on The Canadian Prairies)

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Super Hero's.


I offered one year to help my grandparents buy the perfect gift for my brother's brithday ... cause that is the kind of girl I am.

I told them how much he loved super hero's like Superman and Batman and Robin, pointing to the stack of comics he had and all the shows he liked to watch.

They nodded and pretended to understand and care - not always in that order ... and then handed me some money and said they would trust me. They suggested maybe Batman, mouthing words they had only just heard me say but which had no meaning for them at all. (supervised seniors are often far removed from capes and leotards - the unsupervised ones ... not so much ... they shop Walmart ... see my story here.)


I came back with the perfect outfit. "Batman?" they asked me, handing me paper and tape. "No actually, I felt, a this was his first outfit, not wanting him to experience colossal dejection and doubt his epic awesomeness should he not be able to "fill" the shoes of such a truly great Superhero like Batman .. he should really apprentice superherodom and work his way up. I got him a "Robin" outfit." I smiled triumphantly. They nodded and patted me on the head.

I could hardley wait for the big day .. when he opened his gifts in front of all his friends. The grandparents insisted he put the outfit on right away. He looked Ahh-mazing.


I especially love the pic we took where I made him climb in the straw nest I made and sit on the eggs, his little beak looked so cute over his mouth like that, especially when he passed out on account of the fact he could not breathe...

I am not sure why I never was asked to help with his birthday gifts again .. who knew boys could be so emotional???

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Commute is a Killer.


Joined on with a discussion group about commuting to work and man can I empathize with that. My commute each morning is a killer.


Getting up in the dark, negotiating your way to the kitchen down that death alley large hall,(don't forget their was that huge smash up there just recently where toes were broken) always mindful that you might be surprising humongous spiders, gecko's or strange neighbours that accidentally broke into your house ... that is tough going.

AND if the hubby is up too .. wow watch that oncoming traffic, especially if coffee is on board. Sometimes those feeted jammies can be so unsafe ... and watch out for faulty trap doors and unexpected mooning ... Now that winter is coming there is always the danger of ice on the floors too.


When I get to that last corner, turning into my office each morning, I just drop to my knees and praise Jesus that I arrived safely.

There ought to be some kind of award for people like me, who take their life into their hands every day just to make it to work and write this stuff for you guys ...seriously ...

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Like" me for Crying out Loud.


I decided to apply my technical understandings to real life so I put a button on my arm with a thumbs up and the word "Like." I figured, what the hell, even if someone punches me, technically they hit the "Like" button right?


Except my mother in law is so, " I am NOT going out with you if you wear that ridiculous thing."


another photo here

I replied … "Bonus!" and got in the car and drove to the mall without her. Best day ever!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Calling all Seniors.


I actually think that Grandparents should take full advantage of their positions and do their bit to help prepare their kids for when THEIR kids are teens.


That's why I am calling on all Grandparents to run, don't walk, ( I know - with a walker it is tough but do it) to the nearest tattoo parlour, then head to the piercing studio and then use the garden sheers on your hair and dye it black as can be.

Yup I am calling on a whole new generation to let their Senior Goth out and spruce up the old neighbourhood a bit. Crank up the Lawrence Welk in your cars when you drive by .. get booming speakers mounted in the trunk .... Form gangs, hang around bingo halls and knock over each other ....show them that you are a force to be reckoned with ...


OH .. and the most important part ... call your kids from jail in the middle of the night to come bail you out of jail ....

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Birdies;


Dear Birdies;

You win. Seriously, I am not playing hide and seek with you and despite the fact I have successfully found your dead snake, everywhere around the yard you have hidden it, I concede the victory.


I don't think my heart is in this game, seriously ....


And BTW, I like you better when you just sat in the tree and sang and stuff, could you pick up your trophy and resume normal life?


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear Lady;


Dear Lady;

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the woman sitting across and facing you in the other booth here. I know you may not be able to see me at the moment on account of I am in the bathroom throwing up.


It is perhaps presumptuous of me to ask this but ....


Do you think you could finish your lunch by chewing with your mouth closed? I think it may actually contribute towards world peace.

That is all. Thankyou.

Love Blissy.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Legally Bambi.


Ok this is another movie Mash Up. This one is between Legally Blonde and Bambi. Elle decides she is not just a pretty face with some brains and follows her next boyfriend out into the woods to prove that she too can eat twigs and bark and camp in tents and bag a big one. So she puts on her Hunting plaids and some safety equipment, (flat shoes) and heads out.


Not only does she get to reuse some of her costumes from the other shows - like the bunny costume in the scene where she and Thumper discuss Charlie Sheen and world peace - Elle also sets a good example for blonde bimbos everywhere by eating sensibly, getting lots of exercise, and using Mac cosmetics.


Note the scene for the movie poster where Bambi and friends stand and look at Elle like deer caught in the head light …sans the headlights of course .. . And note the same expression on Elle's face.... professional acting .... This is a metaphor folks and shows that the producer of this movie is incredibly deep and although this appears to be just another frivolous movie, it actually has profound significance to all our lives that are so beautiful … if we could understand it we would weep.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Big Non-Event.


So am pretty bummed about the Rapture being such a big non-event and it will be the LAST time I ever listen to a religious Wing Nut. I hope Mr. RapturePants is happy now, all of us waiting outside, naked in our lawn chairs, following the instructions to the letter.


I had even dropped the kids off at the mother-in-laws - mainly because I knew she would still be around. We told the kids that we were just going to take a little time for ourselves.


I know that technically "eternity" is more than "a little time," but sometimes you have to just break things to kids slowly ....

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Letter to My Brother.


John Anderson was this dude that made it known all over school he was going to kill my brother. I knew that as a fact 'cause he was always saying things like, "One day, I am going to kill your brother." He drove by him in a car once and hollered out the window … " Your ass is grass!" and then he threw an old runner at him …


I didn't know what to say to my brother so I wrote a little letter to him…..


Dear GrassAss;

I understand you will be dead soon. I was wondering if I could have all your baseball cards and the new basketball which, technically was given to you by mistake, and should have been mine in the first place. I asked for it, YOU wanted the Barbies … remember?? Think of it as a chance to do some meaningful charity work before you die and to set some great wrongs, right. I think God likes those kinds of death bed gestures. It is kind of like polishing the apple only NOT the apple from the Garden of Eden kind of apple, more like the apple you take for a teacher, to suck up for better marks when you know you suck. I know you know you suck. See, as your sister, I think of these things and only want the best for you. The only thing is, should you NOT go to heaven, you might have some problems because then Satan is going to be pissed that you just did not make a serious commitment to go to the dark side, so, as your sister, this one time only, I am willing to do you a favour. … hand over those two items and then I will beat the crap out of you so you can at least save face and say you did not hand anything over willingly. Ok got to go now … John Anderson is picking me up for our date.

Love Blissy

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Like An Old Woman.


Wow the difference in time zones are Killing me!! Had another midnight meeting in SL (my time) and as I get up at 4AM (my time) I needed to take a nap in the afternoon.


I feel like a senior citizen having afternoon naps.


Around our house we like to really get into living and go with the flow, so when I woke up hubby had set up a walker, and laid out some false teeth, some support hose and my knitting ...

He thought he was being incredibly funny.


Well at least until the neighbour came round with the police and wanted his false teeth back ....


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mew Denimore and Manba


I have to say sometimes the best things happen and meeting Mew Denimore was one of those. What a lovely lady and wait until you check out her designs.


Most bloggers have had the experience of meeting wonderful people who ask us to take a look and you go and see and wow, it is tough to know what to say. How fragile are they, how do you help and not destroy? THIS was not one of those times. The more time I spent in her store the more I loved loved loved her work.

Obviously the lovely Mew has been around for some time. Isn't it incredible how SL always holds surprises .. maybe I am one of the only ones who had not been to her store but damn I am so glad she stopped me.

One of the things that immediately struck me was the different textures and patterns. Look how great this top is, the colour of it ... I just know how that material would feel in my fingers. How decadent would it be to wear that in RL? I like the designs, the shapes and the way she pulls her outfits together. I particularly like the series that this outfit comes from, FlowerBomb, which includes some terrific dresses as well .... and the shoes ... really great!!

One more pic here

This is also one of her skins and she has some great choices of make-ups. This is another one of the those great designers who is really working to produce what people want. She is open to ideas and suggestions and I have definitely marked this store as one I will be returning to .. often.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011



It's really important to be able to tell when it is time to wrap things up and move on ... to just know that perhaps your time somewhere is done. I learned that as a kid.


It was the night of the big Church talent show, when all the children were encouraged to come up with an act depicting some story or message from the Bible ...

You had your predictable Samson the strong dude lifting his weights to music, and the magician guy changing water into wine (which we all drank in the car park after the show)and Noah showing off his animals and the tricks they could do. When it came time for me everyone held their breath ... at first in anticipation... and then choking before they passed out .. as I breezed on the stage naked (ala Eve in the Garden) except for a few feathers fashioned in a fan. (ala he loves the little sparrow).

I was doing a fan dance with feathers!!!


I didn't win or anything. I guess in fairness sparrow feathers don't give you quite the coverage of ostrich feathers but I lived in Canada for crying out loud. Oh and no-one really likes to talk about the naked part of the Garden of Eden ... it is an irrelevant detail evidently .. unless you are naked, on a stage, performing a fan dance, at a church talent night .. then it is really relevant to some people ...

And that is when it hit me .. my days at the ole' little church on the prairie were probably just about over ....

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Burnt Oranges.


I remember my grandparents talking about "burnt orange" as a kid and so ... knowing I had probably about 10 - 11 years where basically I could get away with almost anything under the guise of "aww .. she's just a kid, she'll grow out of it, she didn't know what she was doing ..." as long as I could suck it up and handle that every time they said that, it meant my hair would get "ruffled." I think this is probably what began a life long love affair with hair spray ...


Anyway ... I had to burn an orange to see because frankly there is burnt orange and then there is brown .. you know? Fine line there .... I got an orange, gently bathed in gasoline, and lit it ...

I got into sooo much trouble, you have no idea ....


In hindsight, now that I am older and all, it probably wouldn't have been such a big deal if I had just not insisted on my brother, The Biffster, holding the orange.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

They Finally Get It!!


There are just some moments in your life that are so .... so .... but you can't go there, except in your head.


Like those old family pics where everyone is standing there in their brand new dresses and suits, hair done to perfection, front and centre ... forever preserved so that people will look at the photo and go, "oh my gosh, you were so cute/beautiful/handsome ...." and everyone completely misses the slightly damp from sweat mom in the same dress year after photo year, hair ... washed....sometimes combed .. sometimes not ....turning so no-one sees the peanut butter hand print still visible where the oil did not come out .. but the colour was good so what the heck ... (omg someone run and show my English teacher THAT last sentence ... I love doing that just because he said I shouldn't)

And then your kids point at you and laugh at how funny you looked and roll their eyes and say things like, "everyone else was dressed up mom ... why didn't you... hahaha .. look at your hair ... what were you thinking?"


Skip ahead a few years to the big family reunion ..... the pic with you front and centre, seated, hair coiffed, looking like a babe, gorgeous designer dress and shoes, and your kids hiding in the background with their old graduation suits ... the last one you bought for them .... now very tight, .... old modified bridesmaid dresses ...that you also paid for ... the colour at least is good ...

And you know they finally get it. And you know it still was all worth it and who puts those awful family pics out anymore anyway?

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cough Cough Cough ...


Yes, "I hab been sick wid a code," ... but you know .. I detect a rat …

Hubby has to go through town to go to golf so he usually does the shopping on a trip in. I can like give a list to him of things I need and it may take him weeks. You know .. he forgot, they didn't have any, he didn't go to THAT store, golfing ran later than normal .. blah blah blah … BUT let me even look like I have a cough and he is jumping up and down, skipping through the house and offering to make a special trip just to get me some LIQUID cough medicine …


He says it is because, "...he cares deeply about my health and well being," and I might believe him if it were not for that smirky little grin on his face ...

He knows I hate cough medicine and much prefer the Canadian capsules that do the same thing, even better, without the bloody taste. Which by the way … it is not so much the medicine they put in the syrup that kills me … it is the flavouring that makes me gag. He LOVES to get me cough medicine. And while most people try to shop for the nicest flavour, I suspect he passes by anything that might be half palatable. Of course, I cannot go and get my own ... he needs to do this for me ... the "care so much," bit .. remember?

And wait .. It is not enough to GET it for me .. He loves to play nurse and put on a little white outfit, strap a bedpan to his belt, and throw a stethoscope around his neck (who said those costumes could not be used in other ways?)He times my medication to the second.

"Have you taken your next dose?"

Then he runs to the kitchen .. Humming .. Skipping and pours me a "cup" …. Completely and exactly to the line of the dosage allowed and brings it to me. Stands there, watching me take it, insists there is still some in the cup, makes me drink more and smiles as I choke.

If I even look like I might cough he suggests an extra dose to be sure ...


You know he says he is cool with my writing about him on here all the time ... but I don't know if I am completely buying that anymore ....

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where oh Where is Jack?


Ok like here I am ready to report for duty and where the hell is Jack Sparrow when you need him? Like I wore the maiden in distress outfit, I have tried the ripped and torn look, even dressed like a pirate ....


Hubby says I have to stop parking myself in the driveway and sitting in the lawn chair with the sign saying ... "Waiting for Jack Sparrow." He says the neighbours are complaining and that there have not been pirates in these parts ...ever ....

Besides the costume store called and the parrot costume is in ....


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