Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cough Cough Cough ...


Yes, "I hab been sick wid a code," ... but you know .. I detect a rat …

Hubby has to go through town to go to golf so he usually does the shopping on a trip in. I can like give a list to him of things I need and it may take him weeks. You know .. he forgot, they didn't have any, he didn't go to THAT store, golfing ran later than normal .. blah blah blah … BUT let me even look like I have a cough and he is jumping up and down, skipping through the house and offering to make a special trip just to get me some LIQUID cough medicine …


He says it is because, "...he cares deeply about my health and well being," and I might believe him if it were not for that smirky little grin on his face ...

He knows I hate cough medicine and much prefer the Canadian capsules that do the same thing, even better, without the bloody taste. Which by the way … it is not so much the medicine they put in the syrup that kills me … it is the flavouring that makes me gag. He LOVES to get me cough medicine. And while most people try to shop for the nicest flavour, I suspect he passes by anything that might be half palatable. Of course, I cannot go and get my own ... he needs to do this for me ... the "care so much," bit .. remember?

And wait .. It is not enough to GET it for me .. He loves to play nurse and put on a little white outfit, strap a bedpan to his belt, and throw a stethoscope around his neck (who said those costumes could not be used in other ways?)He times my medication to the second.

"Have you taken your next dose?"

Then he runs to the kitchen .. Humming .. Skipping and pours me a "cup" …. Completely and exactly to the line of the dosage allowed and brings it to me. Stands there, watching me take it, insists there is still some in the cup, makes me drink more and smiles as I choke.

If I even look like I might cough he suggests an extra dose to be sure ...


You know he says he is cool with my writing about him on here all the time ... but I don't know if I am completely buying that anymore ....

SKIN: Candy Doll
HAIR: Armidi Hair
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Amacci
OUTFIT: SoliDea FoliEs
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