Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear Mrs. Boxlighter;


Please excuse Blissy for being late this morning ... it is all Colby Pevensey's fault and we all know what a bad influence HE is.

Blissy was on her way to her blogpost when she discovered a rumpled heap in the middle of the internet highway and it was none other than Colby .. having passed out for lack of food (I should point out that children who do not listen to your numerous lectures on "breakfast being the most important meal of the day" should be both spanked and made to sit in the corner with their dunce hat)


Blissy had no choice, being the wonderful compassionate person she is, but to stop, pick him up and take him to Walmart where she bought him a catheter and an IV kit. She then had to prop him up at his desk, draw pictorial instructions as to usage, before hurrying right on in.  I understand angels were singing overhead as she ran, God was that pleased with her.

Please excuse Blissy for being so wonderfully kind, she cannot help herself, and also .. Colby has no more excuses, he is wired up and good to go now and need never leave his computer again.

Love Blissy's .. ummm .. MOM .. ya that is it ...
Mrs. Blissy's Mom.

SKIN: AtomicBambi
HAIR: 69
LASHES: Silhouette
EYES: Fashism
SHOES: Pixel Mode

Bliss Windlow:  Blissimo, Women Who Dance With Frogs.

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