Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Death Defying Dress.


The beauty of SL is that so many of the clothes are what I call "Death Defying" in a completely non-painful way. No tape, no pins ... it is amazing ...


In real life I soon found out that while pushing pins into Barbie helped tack on my creations, the blood from trying that on my own clothes tended to ruin the desired effect... and tape is not good ... especially if you are allergic to it or the grey from the duct tape does not go with your outfit ...

I call them "Death Defying" creations because trying to wear them and sneak past the grandparents without getting caught was indeed a "Death Defying" act although the rewards were ... well ... often you found out the reason WHY the Grandparents were concerned. Either you fell out of the dress and did a little impromptu "I'll show you mine, no need for any of you to show me yours .. seriously .. please don't," OR you spent the evening fighting off Fletch the Letch.


Still no kid wants to die young BUT I had a job to do and I worked it well. I am so mailing this to my grandparents as soon as I am done here. Score one for the kids!

SKIN: Dream Ink
HAIR: Lyrique
LASHES: Amacci
EYES: Fashism
DRESS: Vero Modero
ANKLET: Baby Monkey
SHOES: Atomic Footwear (currently closed)
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