Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dry Ice and Cows.


I grew up on a dairy farm and so of course, the grandparents had to buy everything direct from the dairy. All farms had freezers big enough to park a tractor in because sometimes .. in the winter .. that was absolutely necessary to keep the tractor warmer than it was outside.

The bonus was we always got ice cream in the big brown commercial tubs and they were always packed in dry ice. One day my brother and I grabbed the ice and ran down to the creek with it. We had played with it before in the sink but we had been plotting about throwing it into the creek! It was our chance .. finally!! We would throw pieces into the creek and wait for the creature from the black swamp to appear like it did on all the movies. It was really scary .. and for about half an hour we were totally into monsters and swamps and arranged all the cows to play important supporting roles .. like the first victim etc ....

We were very serious about being scary as hell .. we really got into it. We certainly convinced not only ourselves, but the cows too.


Did you know that scared cows do not give much milk and that means no ice cream for children all over the world who cry themselves to sleep at night and it definitely means no ice cream for my brother and I as we cried ourselves to sleep THAT night with butts that reminded us every time we breathed???

Just Say NO to dry ice and cow interfering.

(this public announcement brought to you by the Dairy Farmers Association for Little Houses on The Canadian Prairies)

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