Saturday, May 21, 2011

Letter to My Brother.


John Anderson was this dude that made it known all over school he was going to kill my brother. I knew that as a fact 'cause he was always saying things like, "One day, I am going to kill your brother." He drove by him in a car once and hollered out the window … " Your ass is grass!" and then he threw an old runner at him …


I didn't know what to say to my brother so I wrote a little letter to him…..


Dear GrassAss;

I understand you will be dead soon. I was wondering if I could have all your baseball cards and the new basketball which, technically was given to you by mistake, and should have been mine in the first place. I asked for it, YOU wanted the Barbies … remember?? Think of it as a chance to do some meaningful charity work before you die and to set some great wrongs, right. I think God likes those kinds of death bed gestures. It is kind of like polishing the apple only NOT the apple from the Garden of Eden kind of apple, more like the apple you take for a teacher, to suck up for better marks when you know you suck. I know you know you suck. See, as your sister, I think of these things and only want the best for you. The only thing is, should you NOT go to heaven, you might have some problems because then Satan is going to be pissed that you just did not make a serious commitment to go to the dark side, so, as your sister, this one time only, I am willing to do you a favour. … hand over those two items and then I will beat the crap out of you so you can at least save face and say you did not hand anything over willingly. Ok got to go now … John Anderson is picking me up for our date.

Love Blissy

SKIN: Al Vulo
LASHES: Amacci
EYES: Fashism
SKIRT: mon tissu
SHOES: Kalnins
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