Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mew Denimore and Manba


I have to say sometimes the best things happen and meeting Mew Denimore was one of those. What a lovely lady and wait until you check out her designs.


Most bloggers have had the experience of meeting wonderful people who ask us to take a look and you go and see and wow, it is tough to know what to say. How fragile are they, how do you help and not destroy? THIS was not one of those times. The more time I spent in her store the more I loved loved loved her work.

Obviously the lovely Mew has been around for some time. Isn't it incredible how SL always holds surprises .. maybe I am one of the only ones who had not been to her store but damn I am so glad she stopped me.

One of the things that immediately struck me was the different textures and patterns. Look how great this top is, the colour of it ... I just know how that material would feel in my fingers. How decadent would it be to wear that in RL? I like the designs, the shapes and the way she pulls her outfits together. I particularly like the series that this outfit comes from, FlowerBomb, which includes some terrific dresses as well .... and the shoes ... really great!!

One more pic here

This is also one of her skins and she has some great choices of make-ups. This is another one of the those great designers who is really working to produce what people want. She is open to ideas and suggestions and I have definitely marked this store as one I will be returning to .. often.

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