Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New And Improved.


I love it when programmes come out with the new and improved version with bold sweeping statements like "check out all the cool new features" ... and they change everything that you loved about the programme before because there is no "customer" in "customer service" ... which, when you think about it ... works well on account of there not being any "service" in "customer service" either.


And then it is really cool the way nothing works ... like you can pull a rabbit out of a hat, create world peace with a push of a button but the little things .. like you know ...dialing a number so you can talk to someone if it is a phone .. just does not work.

And then the "help desk" tries to deflect your query .. like "Ok, yes, I understand you can't call anyone, but have you seen they way this baby holds papers down on your desk so you can have the window wide open?"

So ya .. the reason I am late today is because BLOGGER - the new and improved BLOGGER - wouldn't let me blog today. Solution ... use the old method .. the one without the bells and whistles. You know cause you just can't have bells and whistles AND the thing the damn programme was made for .. get real people .. what is wrong with you?


SKIN: Atomic
HAIR: Hair & Hair
LASHES: Silhouette
EYES: Fashism
DRESS: couverture
JEWELLERY: **~Twinkleberry~**
LOCATION: Brilho da Lua^^Moonshine
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