Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Public Service Announcement for Teens!


As kids we had all kinds of secret languages in an attempt to get our plotting and planning past the ever vigilant ears of the adults.


We had sign language, we had reversing the first letters of the words, we even learned to speak backwards and got to wear we could do it almost instantly. But like, (here's the public service announcement for teens and freedom everywhere) as soon as we did that the parents actually listened.


No! No! No! The surest way to lose the parental units is for you to just talk normal and slide the important info there in the middle somewhere ... studies have shown, and my own personal sojourn backs the studies for once ... that parents never listen when teens talk ... so keep it normal and plot. Have fun ... and tell them Blissy sent you!

SKIN: Al Vulo!
EYES: Fashism
HAIR: Exile
SKIRT: Graffitiwear
TOP: Graffitiwear
SHOES: jcshoe

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