Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have You Hugged Your Trench Coat Lately?


We talk about the plights of lots of things but when is the last time you considered the trench coat?


Imagine all those years, stuck in trenches in the middle of some God forsaken war ... where people had other things on their minds other than appreciating all the snappy detailing ....

Years later as more light weight material .. although who does not love a good weighted serge ... personally I think more wedding dresses should be made of serge .. just to help the bride realize the seriousness of what she is about to do ...

...oh ya ... years later .. blah blah ... it is remade with a more light weight gabardine, some more doo dads added and voila ... it was out of the trenches and into main stream. Perverts everywhere, always quick to jump all over fashion trends, immediately got naked, put on their work boots and trench coats, and began to roam. It was a coat that made such a statement, nothing more was needed to be worn. Well .... it made a statement UNTIL they opened it up wide in front of some poor unsuspecting victim. Usually at that point the statement was wayyyyy overstated and it is reported some loud laughing ensued which probably was the beginning of the whole penile implant trend.


And of course us women, doing what we women do, slapped it out of men's hands and said, "here give me that thing (the coat NOT the penis)..." and we made it fashion!!!

Take your trench coat to lunch today and appreciate the hard journey it made to your closet!

SKIN: Curio
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Damned
Lingere: Seldom Blue
SHOES: Maitreya

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adam and Eve's Victoria.

Victoria 1

How come when they ask you in Sunday School about what Bible Story you want to do at this years pageant, everyone gets all uppity when you mention Adam and Eve?

Everyone gets all hung up on the nudity but seriously there are lots of worse stories in the Bible involving nudity etc.

Victoria 2

I mean think of the roles ... someone can be Adam, Eve, Satan and/or the serpent (actually several little kids could do the serpent thing like a Chinese dragon) - you can have a tree, a bunch playing fig leaves and then of course .. the apple. You could give that apple meaning and a personality - cause he was just a pawn in the whole game, imagine how he felt being chosen to forever represent the downfall of man??? A good method actor could have really done the apple justice and made us weep with the moment .....

And then we could have all had apple juice afterwards and symbolically show our support by sharing the apple's tears ... or we would all be corrupted too ... I get confused over that part but you can see how this could be really good ....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forever in Blue Jeans.


You can only get away with some things once ... like going to the grandparents and saying ... "hey, these old jeans have rips in them (pay no attention to the neat scissor mark "tears" in the boot cut farm jeans (ugh give me bell bottoms or I die))would it be alright, instead of throwing them out, if I cut them off at and make shorts out of them ... seems a shame to waste them??"


Of course frugal minds were all over that and I got a pat on the head for a change which my sore butt really appreciated ... too much attention is not always a good thing.

So I cut them and wore them out proudly ....

"OHHHHHH..." as Humpydora lept up to cover Biffy's eyes. "There are ... you are ... ... your ...cheek ...hanging out ... too short ..." (you need to gasp as you say these like you are choking ... hey this might be a good time to bond with that HR bitch that hates you. Call her down to your desk and ask, for the purpose of recreating this scene and getting totally into my post .. if she can choke you while you say that last line again - but DO have someone who likes you supervise .. just in case. If you turn blue .. STOP!)

Biff got her hands off his eyes and I looked down at myself and conceded ... "Ya, the pockets do hang out but that is kinda the look, I can tuck them up in my panties if that helps..."

Grandmas can't say bum, butt, ass ... so as long as I pretended not to understand what she was pointing at .. it was all good. Grandmas can't run as fast as teenagers either.


Parents always ruin the best outfits by pointing out the very thing you love about the look ... like "...the ends of your jeans are all frayed and dragging on the ground ..."

"I know .. isn't that cool?"

"your jeans are so faded and old looking ..."

"I know!! I washed them 100 times..."

"Your make up is smudged and messy..."

"WHOOT .. exactly the look I was going for..."

"Your dress is caught up in your pantyhose, I can see your panties ..."

"Exactly!! Can you move? That guy is checking me out and you are blocking my light!"

SKIN: Al Vulo
LASHES: Damned
EYES: Fashism
OUTFIT: AE Clothing
BELT: JandW Jewelers
PURSE: Baiastice

Monday, June 27, 2011

I Housed the CIA.


When I was first married we managed an apartment complex for awhile .. that was really swell and a great way to learn more about your fellow man than anyone really needs to know.


In fairness it is probably where my creative skills kicked into overdrive .. 1001 ways to get the rent, or catch someone who does not want to be caught so you can ask them for the rent. I wanted to carry a gun but had to settle for a vacuum attachment. My hubby assured me it was the same thing but I was not sure I could suck long enough on my end to do any real damage if I was forced to use it. Like what was I supposed to do? "Stop right there or I will hoover you ... and then pull it out and run after them and suck at the same time????"

I was most impressed with people's ability to move out without detection, in the middle of the night, somehow managing to get all kinds of furniture off of 3rd and 4th floor balconies and into awaiting trucks when the apartment backed on to a forest. Suddenly babies and dogs that never shut up were silent. People who could not think about moving around without sounding like an army was marching through their unit - with musical instruments ... could tiptoe .. Seriously .. who knew the CIA had so many of it's operatives living in our apartment?

What was not fun was the amount of time and effort they put into leaving food and garbage and smearing unmentionables over walls, turning up the heat, turning off the fridge, leaving garbage and dirty diapers in piles .. chemical warfare at its best. And yes cockroaches can survive nuclear warfare.


Then they would phone and demand to know where their mail was and if we were holding up there cheques on purpose or if we were the ones that gave them a bad reference for the new apartment ... then I knew for sure we were dealing with government operatives.

SKIN: Glam Affair
HAIR: Mikan
LASHES: Vita's Boudoir
EYES: Fashism
DRESS: Graffiti Wear
SHOES: Baby Monkey

It's All In The Name.


I had a friend whose last name was "Mayter" and he swore he was going to name one of his kids Alma. So every time I hear the name I think of that - although it probably would not matter what you called this skin by Inka Mexicola from Essences ... it is lovely!!

I also had a friend surnamed "Gurr" and he swore he was going to name his kids Amber and Vinny.

But the worst was my friend with the last name "Bates," who swore he would call his son Master.

I always wonder about parents who give their kids names that are sure to get all kinds of unwanted attention. It is sort of a wonder of horror and at times .... awe .. depending on the day and the child....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Breakfasts Around the World and Throughout Time.


Brunch is such an elegant tradition for a Sunday.


In Canada we would drive to Kananaskis where there would be light snow falling, a roaring fire in a world class hotel, a man in a tux and tails playing the grand piano, white linen table cloths, decadent seating and a sumptuous feast of everything breakfast and seafood and desserts and all you could imagine .. served with champagne of course. We would sit and look out at the winter wonderland and take hours to just relax and enjoy..... and then you couldn't move because you ate wayyyy to much.

another picture here...

Here in Australia it is train smash on a barbie - throw in a few snags, never too early for beer and swat away the flies .....

At least it beats child rearing days when breakfast was whatever cereal you could sweep up off the floor and the dried bread someone left out overnight with some jam spread on it. (cause the toaster had been used to launch Transformers and one of them was still stuck in there)

Or breakfast at the farm the morning after the kegger when the grandfather suspected but said nothing .... tons of stodgy oatmeal - thicker than normal, runny eggs, the greasiest bacon ever, 2 pieces of toast with tons of butter and an extra large glass of milk ... sort of warm .... nothing makes you swear off drinking like those breakfasts ....

I am happy with just coffee thank you ...

SKIN: Bare Sensual
HAIR: Boon
HAT: Couture Chapeau
LASHES: Amacci
EYES: Fashism
DRESS: House of Hucci
NECKLACE: Purple Moon
RING: Sangre Noir
JACKET: Sangre Noir
SHOES: Taboo

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Penguins are the New Prozac.


I saw a clip of an interview with Canadian Jim Carey talking about the new movie he does with real life penguins.


He stated that there is something about them being on set that just lifts everyone's mood. If you are having a bad day, can't pay your bills, girlfriend left you .. you see a penguin and smile.


So I am thinking ... pharmacists should take those prozac prescriptions, rip them up and hand out penguins. Lets Penguin the world. Lets make it a practice that when two people are about to get divorced, the penguin-mobile shows up and release penguins in the house. That people sit down in a doctors office and have some penguin therapy, and that when there is a bar fight .. you save the officers and call in the penguin squad to quell the angry mob. We could do penguin drops over war torn areas ... and most importantly .. let's replace all politicians with penguins. They work for cheaper and they come with their own built in tuxes. I love it.

SKIN: Manba
HAIR: Mikan
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Wasabi
DRESS: Manba
SHOES: Manba

Friday, June 24, 2011

How Exciting Are Pajama Blue Jeans?


I was waiting to go into a meeting the other day and the television was on in the hotel and there was a commercial on about pajamas that look like blue jeans.


They have stretch and all the little detailing without needing to be spatula'd into your real blue jeans and they fit everyone - hugging all your curves and hey .. they are so gosh darn comfortable you will want to sleep in them ... jog in them ... go shopping in them .. travel in them and even go out for a hot evening.

These blue jean jammies are so spectacular you will be the sexiest sex bomb ever and all the while .. comfortable as all get out.


New love words will be invented just for you ... like "flannel ass" comes to mind ... and "Fleecy hochie momma." I am sure we will see the rappers incorporating this into their songs any day. This is a revolution.

Oh just a couple of things though .. take off the cow slippers .... it is sort of a dead give away ... and um .. after you travel, shop, jog, sleep and date in them ... they sort of stand up on their own .. which evidently is not a good thing. I actually went back to wearing my little pony jammies out on dates ....

EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Amacci
TOP: Malt
JEANS: Seldom Blue
SHOES: Pixel Mode

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cell Phones.


My hubby has a new cell phone with all the bells and whistles ...


Except he never uses bells and whistles and he has no idea how to use the phone. So because of that the phone is always on speaker, you can't answer it on account of this phone is so special they have come up with a new way to answer your phone...and let me tell you how important that is .. to get rid of the old time consuming picking it up, pushing a button and putting it to your ear.

I mean in fairness, some things are the phone's fault and some .. just his. Like he told me that none of his texting was working and he could not figure it out .. he wished he kept his old phone. It was only $49.00 and lasted for 5 years and it was just straightforward which is all he wants the damn thing for blah blah blah whine whine whine ....


I wiped his boo boo tears and then I had to point out I thought the texting on the new phone worked just fine ...

... no-one was texting him.

Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is.

EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Amacci
DRESS: Paris Metro

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Japanese Lanterns.


I made Japanese Lanterns once ... only cause my grandparents refused to let me buy one. They swore they were not racist or anything but they were "sure as hell were not going to have any foreign crap around the farm." Like if we ate Chinese food .... we had to go out to a restaurant. And they said they were against inter-racial dating on account of they were concerned about the poor babies - who would not belong anywhere .. which really meant "they would not belong here at our house."


Anyway I decided heck, we have made jack-o-lanterns every year at school how hard could it be? So I got some old wire, got some paper and realized it was probably not thin enough ... then I remembered that we made those cool stained glass things by putting some oil on the paper and then you saw the light better ...

.... ya ok I was 8 .. and bored out of my head ....


I don't know what the big deal was anyway about the barn burning down .. it was old and we needed a new one ... I like to take the words my grandfather used .. something like "you good for nothing little &%^&%$$$^&**!" and replace those with "a catalyst for positive change and new horizons on the prairie."

Except I am not sure I qualified. It all depended on one thing .. are most catalysts able to sit down? Cause I had to stand, or lean against a wall for about 2 months after the big "Barnfire."

LASHES: Amacci
EYES: Fashism
SHOES: BabyMonkey
POSES: V Poses

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Science and Fashion. True Confessions.


Ok so I have to be honest. I suck at science. Like when we all had to make salt and sugar crystals and everyone added water and then ended up with beautiful little formed crystals that looked awesome under the microscope ... I poured my grey sludge on the slide and wrecked 3 microscopes (yes yes I know .. evidence of insanity ... repeating the same thing expecting different results ....)


So everyone knows that a real fashionista is also a skilled Lepidopterist or else has a friend in the wedding business whom she has pics on from that night back in high school and is blackmailing her ....

I tried to grow my own butterflies for this shoot but I never get the same result as the rest of the class and ended up with just thousands of green and orange caterpillars ... and they don't fly. Even throwing them up in the air and trying to snap the picture in time .. is not the same thing ...and pinning them onto the pic .. well that got messy ...


So please appreciate the lengths I had to go to get butterflies for this shoot ... I blackmailed a friend who has a friend in the wedding business ...

Oh .. and we are not friends anymore. Caterpillars do that to a friendship you know .. those things are evil ....

SKIN: Manba
HAIR: Lyrique
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Amacci
DRESS: My Precious
SHOES: Slink

Monday, June 20, 2011

Me, Myself and I


Yup we were a gang ... just hanging out back of the barn, causing all kinds of trouble. You should see what we did to those milk cans and the bales of hay .. whoot weren't we the wild ones.


If we really got out of control we would sneak the tractor out into the field when no-one was looking and burn donuts. I never really go why city kids were so into that, but damn I was determined to be more like them.

Except those jam filled donuts don't burn all that well.

SKIN: Firefall
HAIR: LeLutka
EYES: Fashism
LASHES: Amacci
SHOES: p.c. Kalnins Donna Flora
POSES: Del May

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Have Fun and Stay Safe.


Notice how kids today have to wear helmets for everything?


Ride a bike - helmet ... skate - a quad - helmet ... I have even seen little girls playing with barbies wearing helmets ...

They strap them into car seats, they have them wear protective gear when they play any sports at all.

I think it is a great idea and is one of the reasons why first thing in the morning I strap myself into my office chair and put my helmet on, and mouth guard in.


I also think it is pretty good evidence that our parents didn't care for us nearly as much as parents today care about kids ... and is just one more reason why we are all so damaged....

Not having a helmet can do that to you ...

SKIN: Al Vulo
HAIR: Bliss Couture
EYES: Fashism
EYES: Amacci
DRESS: House of Dashwood
POSES: Del May

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Obvious Points Missed.


Old McDonald was probably a psychopath ...


Geometry is the cause - or the result figures in there somewhere though. All the boys at the country school signed up for geometry and they all excelled .. well except those that escaped and ran ...broadened their horizons, wanting to travel the world .. and took off to the big city 40 miles away to live. But the rest all got into it because all farms are big squares, the corrals - squares, the pens - squares .. everything they drive - big squares on wheels. Women feminize that by doing quilts on account of they are not supposed to touch the big farm equipment - they do of course and do it better - but they are not supposed to. THAT is definitely written on the barn wall - trust me. And they make a science of how to fit the squares together! And they worship all things square - except for curling which is also worshipped. That is circles and moose - but that was probably introduced as recreation for balance and to throw people off.

Then they get on their tractors and such and go round and round and round ... , fertilizing, ploughing, seeding, spraying, swathing, combining, baling, picking up the bales .....yup if they were sitting and rocking over in the corner we would not hesitate to recognize instability... well don't be fooled. It is the same thing. Farmers just go round and round and some of them are rocking as well ... you just can't see them in all that dust. They do this for years ...

And finally .... all psychopaths start out killing animals ... well where the heck do you think that chicken breast came from??


and THAT is just another fine example of the hard hitting news here at BLISSimo where we will go where others will not ... in fact we are so far gone where others will not that I myself have been accused of being a farmer ...

I just want to caution you ... keep an eye on those quilters because they can easily slip to the dark side .. quilting is a gateway drug into insanity!

SKIN: Lara Skins
LASHES: Amacci
EYES: Fashism
DRESS: Jador Fashion
SHOES: Beautiful Dirty Rich

Friday, June 17, 2011



I had a conversation with a friend yesterday and we decided neither one of us was "in the loop," which of course immediately led to us shopping for the T-shirt to proclaim that to the world.


We had some problem with the terminology - neither one of us having a degree in Loopology - just both having a great deal of experience in Loopdom. Were we "Loopless," like "Loopless in Larado?" Or were we "UnLooped" like "Raw and UnLooped?" Did we need a "Loopectomy" or maybe more like a "Loop Augmentation?"

Could Hula help us to find a Loop? Or was her expertise limited to "Hoops?" What is the difference other than 3 letters? Was there some secret handshake to get into the "Loop Hole?" What did one do when one finally made it into the Hole? Was their a dress code? No-one likes to be in the wrong place and be accused of being an interLooper. I had heard of going loop de loop .. but HOW??? I have never been to Loop de Lie either ... sigh ...


In the end we were just exhausted and so we sat and ate our Fruit Loops and contemplated the lint in our navels ...

If you are in the Loop ... please remember to be kind to those of us who are clearly not .... we need your patience and your kindness ... we are the UNLOOPED...we have no real looping mechanisms. We are deformed ... life is a slippery loop for us. We just dream of one day being able to "take a beat and loop it," like the rest of you ....

LASHES: Amacci
EYES: Fashism
OUTFIT: Indyra
SHOES: KristicA
EARRINGS: Lapointe & Bastchild
POSES: Striking Poses

Thursday, June 16, 2011

WHOOT Dad's Day NOT Just For Dad!!


How cool is this?? Dad gets to have pancakes in bed, get some new skins AND while he is watching football .. beer in hand ... YOU get to go an get yourself a little somethin' somethin'! Personally, I am in love with Artemis, and the combinations available are very generous! Check out the fantastic offer below!

(OH and if you don't have a dad in your life to spoil ... the rules say you get to drink the beer yourself, skip the football game if you hate sports AND buy yourself TWO fatpacks ... I know I read that in the shoppers hand book somewhere ...)



We, at Unique Megastore, love a reason to celebrate! And it's much better to celebrate with those that brought us till here! You, our customer! So we made this special coupon where from Friday (Jun 17th) to Sunday (Jun 19th), you can get 20% off in selected fatpacks of male and female skins and also in selected packs of eyes! It's the first time we're doing that and we hope you all enjoy it!

The participating items are (please note, ONLY FATPACKS and only at our main store):

Apolo A2 2nd Generation

Atena (Pale, Bronze e Dark)
Artemis (Pale, Bronze e Dark)


How to proceed:

1) Go to one of our terminals at our main store (;
2) Click in the terminal and type this code in your local chat: TREATDADSBLOG;
3) There will appear a blue menu to guide you from there on;
4) You can buy more than one product at once, you just have to click "buy more";
5) When you are done choosing your products, click "checkout";
6) The total statement will be displayed in your screen with products and amount;
7) Click the object with the right button and pay the amount referring to your shop;
8) It's done! You will receive all the items you got!

Thanks our special treat for you!

Enjoy it!



Fly Them To The Moon.


I always like watching the news when people in airports get pissed on account of the airlines won't fly.


Like they ground the planes because flying into an ash cloud could result in the engines failing and the plane crashing and there is a huge cloud of ash that is up there. People crab and complain and get all mad at the girl behind the counter cause you have to know she personally caused the ash cloud .. damn them and their days off.

And then they are like whining even more because "... that airline is going to go, we wanna go, why can't you go if they are going?"


I say just agree with them - life is about doing what everyone else is doing so you are not left out, load them on the planes, head for the ash cloud and comfort their families with the fact that they may all be dead but at least they got on the plane and got their free drink and stale peanuts ... which was, after all, their dying wish ....

SKIN: Unique Megastore
LASHES: Amacci
EYES: Fashism
JEWELLERY: Ticky Tacky, aDiva (no loner available)
DRESS: Orion
SHOES: Sim-i-lar
POSES: Glitterati

Lara and Sandra.


TBS is new to me, (I know don't hate me because I am slow) but I think Essenza Lane has done a good job. There are aspects about each of these skins that I like better than the other - the lips on Sandra are great. The great thing is the cost of these - $490 which makes them really affordable and I am sure many people will appreciate that with the world economy being the way it is.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Saged Advice from A Beautiful Elderly Woman.


I was at a luncheon the other day when one of the participants started talking about how important she was and all she did. It's not like we hadn't all heard it before. She was always talking about herself. As she wandered from table to table during the event, the story morphed, depending on who she was talking to. She knew everything about everything and was tirelessly expressing how important she was, interjecting herself into every conversation. ( you should have one of your fellow employees just stand next to you and go "Blah blah blah, me me me, blah blah blah.." and if someone else could like scrape their nails up and down the chalkboard .. you will be right there with the rest of the ladies...)


Every luncheon she attends she is doing some new business and she is the tops, the best, whatever ....

I wanted to get her a cold compress for her head because I was sure she must be exhausted. I was grateful she did not stand up during my talk and start showing her home movies again .. the ones where you could see the back of someone's head at Disneyland who she insisted was President Obama and that he personally told her he is her biggest fan.


A group of the ladies came up to me afterwards to complain about her, amongst them a very pristine older lady with white hair, immaculate suit, elegant .... and she leaned over to the group and said, "When I was a little girl, my mother had a name for women like that...." we all smiled with that special smile saved just for the elderly that are so darn cute you want to hug them and take them home and prop them up in the living room, next to the special china and the family portraits done before all the kids got tattoos and piercings ..... and one lady said, "what name was that 'Mildred?'"


HAIR: Vanity
LASHES: Amacci
EYES: yukis Real Eyes
SHOES: Nardcotix
POSES: Del May